VeChain NFTs Collection

Welcome to the Jungle!


You are 1 of 4.999 MAD -APES that have found a home on the VeChain blockchain. We are glad that you have joined us on this journey. The MAD -APES were looking for a clean environment, free of global contamination, and they found one of the cleanest habitats, VeChain Ecosystem.

As a member of the MAD -APES NFTs, you’ll get special member privileges. We have some exciting things that include perks to other platforms, merchandise, airdrops and a Sold out lottery. 

Everyone can get a Mad v-APE. As long as you are within the first 4.999. All -APES will cost the same amount. 

 Buying a MAD -APE costs 800 VET.  They all are going to have the same price. Proceeds from this sale will go to establishing benefits for each -APE. This can take the form of partnership deals, airdrops on projects, Sold Out Lottery, and much more. 

Remember: If you are a VeLegends NFT holder, you will have access to the Pre-sale and one extra privilige.


The Collection


Mad -Ape

Alpha Collection


Mad -Ape

Alpha Collection


Mad -Ape

Alpha Collection


Mad -Ape

Alpha Collection

Black Power.jpg

Mad -Ape

Alpha Collection


Mad -Ape

Alpha Collection


Mad -Ape

Alpha Collection

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Mad -Ape

Alpha Collection

About us

We have a very passionate, talented team with a big commitment. We started working on the blockchains two years ago. It was a new world for us, but now it is part of our lives. We have dedicated so much time of our lives learning how to make better projects. This is how we learned that the most important part of every project is the Community. The MAD -APES won't disappoint you. Thanks for your support, that is what really matters.




The Team



Il NerO


Nikky C.



Founder / Creative Artist



  • What is an NFT

NFTs stand for Non-fungible tokens. An NFT is data that is stored or accounted for on the blockchain that represents something specific. The NFT can represent a piece of artwork, a video clip, or any other type of digital file. 

  • What is minting?

Minting is the computer process of validating information, creating a new block, and recording that information into the blockchain. 

  • How do I get a Mad -Ape?

You will be able to mint a Mad -Ape on the VeSea Marketplace

  • Is there a buying limit?

There is no buying limit.

  • Where can i see my NFT? 

You will have to link your wallet (Sync, Sync2 o VeChainThor) to the VeSea Marketplace then go to your profile and you will see your NFT. 

  • How much does getting a Mad -Ape Cost? 

800 VET - Flat Rate, No Tiers


Social Media

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